June 29, 2011


I really need to get to bed, but I just had to say it's been difficult to not delete posts the day after writing them. Every time I'm about to hide a post, I think about the reason I started this blog. I wanted to be more at peace with who I am and not worry so much about being perfect (not that I ever was, so I'm not exactly sure whose expectation I think I'm trying to live up to on that one), so I leave it.

At times, I may sound dramatic, nutty, sullen, obnoxious, pretentious, ridiculous, or all of the above, but I have to start embracing more of who I am. A lot of me is more simple and fun, but there's another side to me that I share here mostly. That's me, too.

Anyway, I apologize that my posts tend to be long-winded streams of consciousness, but that's just what I need to get out right now. I also apologize that the posts have been pretty self-centered so far, and I intend on changing that as time goes on. I also apologize for apologizing way too much.


  1. Keep writing. People are reading. :)

  2. don't delete your posts! If you have to, just make them private. I deleted a ton of very old posts on a different site from when i was 15 and I still regret it. It's embarrassing but always good to look back on!

  3. A personal blog is self-centered by definition - and I don't think that's a bad thing! You have a true talent when it comes to expressing yourself through writing and I definitely don't think you should either censor yourself or delete things you've written in the past. I think we all tend to look back at things we've said, thought or written and felt a wee bit awkward about it after the fact - but the thing is, when you're writing in the moment and putting yourself out there, nobody could ever hold that against you.

    Then again, I know that often times we're our own worst critic.

    To me, writing has always been a bit like therapy. And, actually, I wish there there were many things I could write about freely on my own blog without knowing that certain people (boss, coworkers, in-laws, little sisters, mean lurkers, AHHHHH) were reading. At this point, I'd say just revel in the fact that you have a perfect outlet for your words, thoughts and emotions.

    Aaaaaand that was the longest comment in the history of comments. Amen.

  4. I love your long comments. : )

    And thank you to Sam and Ali as well! It's been so refreshing to get things off my chest and bounce thoughts and ideas off of everyone. It reminds me why I missed blogging so much!

  5. If you delete a blog, just email it to me first. I get you =)