August 27, 2011

A Post-Worthy Post

I promised you a post. I promised it much sooner than now, but, if you know me, then you're probably familiar with the fact that I seem to live by the motto "better late than never."

Note: I apologize for what will be an undoubtedly gushy, cringe-worthy post. I typically refrain from such public displays of affection, but I feel like posting this right now.

As of 15 minutes ago, today is Kyle's and my one-year wedding anniversary. And so here goes:

We forgot the garter and had to use a bridesmaid's bouquet instead...

We cut the top layer of the cake because we didn't know any better...

And the rest of it was eaten within a month because, let's face it,
German Chocolate Cake is delicious.
Plus, who wants to eat year-old cake anyway?

Here's to many more years of forgetting the essentials,
doing things a little...differently,
and providing our families with countless stories about our follies...

I love you, Kyle Heagle!