October 7, 2011



  1. I’m going to assume this is you singing and you should know that you have a really pretty voice. I think everybody deserves the opportunity to pursue what they love and it’s incredibly brave of you to put yourself out there like that.

    You always say the nicest things when you comment on my posts and it means so much to me. To know that someone who doesn’t even know me personally can gain something from reading what I write is the biggest compliment I could ask for. And it is also comforting to me to read your blog, as I see a lot of myself in the things you write. We definitely seem to share a similar outlook on a lot of things, and that’s nice to know.

    I wish you luck with anything that you choose to do and I hope that people keep reassuring you that you’re good enough to accomplish whatever it is you want to, because that’s what you’ve done for me and that’s what you deserve.